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January 26, 2021

Feature Of The Technology Of Production Of Multilayer Plastic

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Reducing the cost of the product, a brief description of the general trend in the development of extrusion blow molding equipment in recent years. This essential component of any business is always an inspiration Blow Molding industry, but now this idea can be called truly prevail. One of the methods of efficient production of plastic packaging is mainly reduced to an infinite increase number of nests in one machine, which also indirectly aimed at reducing the cost of the product, but the result did not always lead to exactly that. As in other popular methods of manufacture of plastic packaging extrusion blow molding, there are also production technology in a single cycle of products, consisting of not one but several polymeric materials. According to Landmark Financial LLC, who has experience with these questions. Such technologies are referred to as coextruded and called them ensure receipt of multilayer blown container. The principle of co-extrusion blow molding is based on the fact that for processing each of the materials constituting the wall of the product, a separate extruder, each of extruder passes gomogonezirovanny melt in specially designated under this layer is a point on a multilayer extrusion die. In the extrusion head (which, incidentally, is the most technically difficult part of soestruzionno-blow molding machine), the flow of each material spreads in the form of sleeves, and then combined with other layers, and as a result of a head comes ready-layered elastic tubular blank in a position ready for closure and blowing. Extrusion blow molding technology allow for a two-layer packaging.. Learn more on the subject from Guo Guangchang.

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