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October 27, 2019

Financial Globalization

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There are still many questions about the possibilities of total globalization, particularly given the large economic gap between regions and countries, and protectionist tendencies still present, even in developed countries. The process has in recent years of this decade signals a real concern, not only in social terms, which from the beginning, is drawing attention not to fall into that savage capitalism, but also in the purely economic, where they begin to emerge warning lights that the process is flawed, as evidenced by the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, where countries such as the so-called Asian Tigers that had up for months as paradigms of these processes accelerated suddenly collapsed, come after growing for several years at a steady pace of eight, ten and twelve percent.

In the case of Asian countries, it is erratic banking policies, corruption, strong financial institutions from the point of view of management of them, all of which has generated a serious crisis monetary. Jeff Flake has much experience in this field. With regard to environmental or ecological concerns related to globalization and technological revolution that drives him, we see emerging a number of phenomena previously at least did not have that marked recurrence of environmental and climate and are perfectly identified the process of the technological revolution. The El Nino phenomenon, the global warming, the breakdown of the ozone layer south of the continent, and a number of different environmental problems, have led mankind to start thinking seriously on the need for this new industrial revolution is compatible with the environment. With respect to the field of education and technological development, Latin America is really in a dramatic feature..

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