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September 20, 2023

First Text Discounter

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People who have the dream to become a writer can start their careers here at low cost. We all are looking themselves again and again for solutions and ways to make the best of ourselves and our lives or have a problem or a crisis behind us. Everything that has to do with counseling, is booming at present than ever. The questions according to the who am I?”, what is the meaning of my life?” and how I find my calling? “have become an industry of its own. The bitter taste of this is that many people also want to get on the way to live a happier life, but no financial resources. Therefore the portal to offer text-rich people, for little money to get valuable help for self-help. In a further step, a coaching portal should be installed that also everyone can afford. “Under the motto: give the people not the fish, but teach them the fish”.

People who have the dream to become a writer can start their careers here at low cost. We are convinced that on the portal in the near future large publishers are looking for authors, who have the talent to enter the big stage of writing. “Therefore is also at an annual event ala Germany sucht den superstar,” the author of the year award and a publishing contract provides him with all necessary publicity. Right now, the time is ripe, that people begin to take their fate into their own hands and do something about the big fear that we are manipulated. It needs people with goals, visions and faith. It needs solutions, instead of complaining. It needs everyone.

It takes those who pass on valuable experience of self, so that many of them benefit. And it needs the masses from the middle and lower classes, make the just a balancing act: either completely on the sidelines as it is prophesied us forward or upwards, which no one expects. We are looking for many people who make all courage, the power in can be found, not to give up and to demand their rights, to lead a good and happy life. Betr.oec. Sonja ch. Kelz visionary marketing J. G. UDA road 21 A-6850 Dornbirn

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