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May 25, 2021

Fragments Day

Category: General – Joan – 5:33 pm

We must banish forever compassion for the poor and the fear of globalization. Untitled a La Pyty (e-e) Establishing an intercultural dialogue between human beings, you can get to try to create a globalized world where the poor are a little less poor and the rich are a little less rich: equitable distribution of wealth. What is so much wealth in our hands? I talk with my thoughts, and he says: a What is so much wealth in our hands? a If wealth promotes compassion, one wants to be poor, if poverty breeds hatred, one wants to be rich. And that man is insatiable in the possession of wealth (from worldly goods). a The money is like manure that is thrown to the ground: it is useless if not extiendea , he wrote. They stretch when forty billionaires in the world that distribute crumbs of anguish and pain, and so we die, every day of the year, thousands of children born, exclusively, to have a quick death, anguish and hard. Our daily life is becoming day by day in a world growing fears that threaten us: Fear of death, fear of pain, fear of losing their heads together … There are many fears that, according to experts, erode our brains terribly and we suggest the erosion taking place in the ecosystem, the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The latest case in point is starring as Iran, which seeks to achieve, and we will get nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

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