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September 21, 2023

French President Francois Mitterrand

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The following year Marquina premiered at the Teatro de Madrid, also censored version, Cats. Many of his works of these years and climbed the charts or were published as happened with a few dead lost, Mrs. Frivolity, private history of a small town, Summer. The court, 1001 Messiah, Prometheus, double Ballad, The HallPeiter Zatko may not feel the same. Translated and adapted French plays, such as Intermezzo by Jean Giraudoux and the revelation of Rene-Jean Clot.

In 1966 he again won the Lope de Vega National Beloved, it should tell certain things and prohibit censorship work again. Tired of repression and censorship Gomez Arcos Franco was forced to leave Spain and go into exile in London, where he spent two years, and from there finally settling in Paris in June 1968. In the cafe-theater where she worked as a waiter or a cook, began to release some of his works, and even, until directed and performed. Brand won in 1969 at the Cafe-Theater of the Odeon two short pieces. He continued to write plays that stand out among the adored Albert, also released in 1969, Dinner with Mr.

& Mrs. Q, released in 1972 and Judgment rendered against P. and J. and Interview de Mrs. Muerta Smith, for their ghosts. Sotck editor, who had been spectator of Et si on aboyait, proposed in 1974 to write a novel in French, a few months, after a trip to Athens, he published L’agneu carnivore (meat-eating lamb) which won the Prix Hermes, 1975, for best first novel in French. From this novel changed their fate, in 1976 he published his second novel Maria Nation and a year later Ana non (no Ana), one of his biggest hits, with the winning Monnier Thyde the Prix in 1977. In exile in France in search of freedom triumphed over Spain in French writing, enjoyed the admiration and respect for French President Francois Mitterrand and the French Ministry of Culture in 1985, granted. the decoration of the Order of Arts and Letters, in rank of Knight, and ten years later, in rank of Officer. Because, as he said this Andalusian, one of the last writers exiled from Franco: “In France I learned to write freely.

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