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October 2, 2013

Gallegos Nava

Category: General – Joan – 5:11 pm

Time back so far has handled the concept educational excellence and that has been formed are humans with high cognitive ability, but with a deep contempt for life, have high cognitive ability is not sufficient for the development of spiritual intelligence (Gallegos, 2008a). Holistic education is the emerging paradigm which offers a comprehensive and global alternative to form beings humans who can live responsibly in the societies of the 21st century (Gallegos, 2001a). Its objective is the formation of good human beings, then, a good professional (Gallegos, 2005). One of the first steps is to treat the student as a human being; This simple Act changes throughout the learning environment (Gallegos, 2004a). The requirement is to be willing to take these three conditions: humility, care, and patience (Gallegos, 2008b).

Spiritual intelligence is both the oldest and the newest. Buddha 2,500 years ago describes it in an original way and called the noble eightfold path which contains the eight great practices essential that summary, and integrate the path for the development of spiritual intelligence (Gallegos, 2007). Dr. Gallegos Nava (2007), explains that the noble eightfold path is a specific method used by a human being as any and which showed its efficiency to heal suffering, developing spiritual intelligence to achieve true happiness. Holistic education take as fundamental basis the practice of the noble eightfold path, to achieve spiritual intelligence.

These eight practices are universal and perennial and have been used over time by the spiritual seekers. Spiritual intelligence is the only one that helps us transcend suffering and be happy not because of circumstances but despite them, allows us to be happy without needing anything. Spiritual intelligence has perennial philosophical principles as well as features, on which he based his teaching, which are detailed below (Gallegos, 2007): principles:-love that hatred is best. -The truth is that the lie is better. The knowledge that ignorance – is better good than evil – is better.

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