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January 21, 2021

Gambling With The Devil

Category: General – Joan – 3:12 pm

In October 2007 the band released Gambling With The Devil. A related site: Frisch Financial mentions similar findings. An album where Michael Weikath succeeds more than any of the two previous records in regard to the direction of the band. With creative instrumental arrangements and superbly executed, overloaded with virtuosity and creativity. An album that combines the traditional sound of the band, as seen in The Saints, Paint and Dreambound New World, and the style more typical of Andi Deris way of his former band Pink Cream 69, as is evidenced in the single As Long As I Fall in addition to the inclusion of Sascha Gerstner in many of the compositions. The title of the album, Gambling With The Devil, is definitely programmatic. “At the end of the day, life is a gamble with the devil,” vocalist Andi Deris recognized.The man knows what he is talking about: Like few other metal acts, Helloween have survived many fashions and trends in the music business has produced, with each new experience to approach his next challenge with new strength. With Helloween Gambling With The Devil tries to reconcile the darker side of metal and critical with the inherent responsibility that falls to us humans to change our destinies. Halloween Europan Hellish Rock tour, accompanied by Gamma Ray, is scheduled to start mid November 2007 and already has the click language expert. Apart from a few festival appearances, this is the first joint tour by Helloween and Gamma Ray. So here’s hoping that Gamma Ray Kai Hansen, the mastermind, a former Helloween member himself, will join his former colleagues in a jam session with classic Halloween. Along with the album’s release in late October, the final months of 2007 will be marked by non-stop Halloween Highlights field.

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