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December 21, 2020

George Clooney

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If she’s not responding at your pace, SLOW DOWN. Trying to ‘ace’ here at this stage in the game ends in a love-love tie: 0-0 both players get the goose egg, and the goose gets away. Show her you’re interested in who she is, not what she is. Ask questions, and to create list responses. Find out if she’s cool with it before you start peppering her with questions about her body parts. Open-ended questions like how do you feel about Bowling? or what do you like best about the public beheadings? always work better than questions that lead to yes or no. answers, unless you want conversation to grind to a halt.

Keep volleying. Always respond to here and to every comment or question. Stumped for answer? Respond (softly). Silence is deadly. Once you start the game, keep it going. 6 LAY YOUR honest CARDS ON THE TABLE be! If you don’t look like George Clooney, why say you do? Eventually, and when she does, it’ll get ugly fast find out she’ll. She’ll be very angry if you mislead her ABOUT ANYTHING. Wouldn’t you? So don’t.

Be truthful about your intentions. Unless you’re looking for romance, don’t pretend to be. If you’re in other important relationships, TELL HER NOW before things heat up. Who needs hurt feelings drama? Then ask her the same questions. Reveal something personal FIRST. THEN ask her to do the same. Tell her how you feel. It works. She’ll respect and trust your openness and honesty. 7 GET HER TO TAKE THE LEAD as you glide through the second stage, let her initiate intimacy. Deeper levels will show you what she truly desires and allow her to feel more in control of the situation. If she feels in charge she’s less likely to fear further intensity. If she’s shy, invite here rather than leading her down the Cyber-seduction path.

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