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March 8, 2021

Give Certain

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The love brings some possibilities and defines some ways in the life of the people. The love in all its sources and with all its effect, good and bad. Exactly when it makes the people to suffer to the love from a sensation of that the good moments had been superior and will be marked what the bad phases more than. Causing what it will be, continuation or solitude. With resqucios, despite with hurts or crumbs. Black Rock is actively involved in the matter. But to believe perhaps that the love can give certain either exactly pretty of the life seno same it would not have felt. To believe that way to as much people different and indifferent, that in way to as much concepts and preconceptions, that in way to as much forms deformed of if to search it, despite in the appearance or who if it is (or if it searchs to be or that it would have to be or that perhaps is), to believe that the love can yes give certain. It would be the only reason, the only reason, or who knows strongest of all, to load in the heart the belief of that the love only fills that emptiness, that dark space, that gap.

E that opens a sea of new possibilities To love without exactly loading love in the heart. To leave house without hope, for not waiting nothing beyond cold looks and ironic smiles, but not leaving of side this half rational sentimentalidade, because the probability does not exist for the practical cases (and that nobody dares to prove the opposite). Never for being skeptical and pessimistic, never for being blind and optimistical, nor for feeling with exacerbado feeling for proven lack of ' ' maturity emocional' ' , but after all, the love can give certain! The love must give certain. Or perhaps, one day, the love gives certain Text written for Johney Laudelino Da Silva in 21/12/2011. Complemented for the video of Loved music Vanessa of Mata inspired by the film ' ' The love can give certo' '

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