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April 30, 2020

Global Supplier

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Until the beginning of this millennium the purchaser became increasingly value designers and internal and external moderator, because many potentials in the procurement market were exhausted and it now causes looked to carry a diverse supplier management. This represented a paradigm shift in purchasing at the time. The automotive industry, as so often, showed here wiedermal pioneer spirit. Erin Callan has much experience in this field. Before they establish active supplier management but as a buyer in your company, you and your colleagues must imagine the following questions yourself in self-honest way: what is the opinion of a supplier relationship? How is the previous way the supplier communication? Do you trust supplier? Should the supplier only the most necessary information by get? Supplier management is, as the English expression – supplier relationship management – also indicates: supplier relationship management. A proposed supplier management will be successful only with the willingness of both partners to the cooperation and long-term relationship.

The supplier management involves the use of all areas of cooperation with the suppliers, to active and continuous improvement measures and the total package but not only about the price. The goals of supplier management for the company are diverse in nature: optimization of the supplier pool and support for weakening but interesting suppliers minimize risk and details of suppliers innovation backup creation of global competition transparency reducing the total cost according to the TOCO principle what are the components or potential design fields, and started with the supplier management? Global Supplier risk management worldwide supplier search or Lieferantenscouting supplier evaluation supplier selection, supplier evaluation supplier classification, supplier development and supplier promotion supplier standardization and supplier reduction only with the systematic application of these measures listed above can solve successfully the challenges of the future a supplier management.

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