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August 4, 2019

Global Warming

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The climate on Earth could now be the warmest for the last million years. Especially for the Pacific region, where the emerging phenomenon of El Nino, which affects the environmental conditions around the world. This phenomenon may increase the temperature of the planet as it was in 1998 when the Earth has warmed up to record values. In 2005, temperatures were in the same range as in 1998. The characteristic feature of El Nino events – warm surface waters in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, was not observed, and the water in the western equatorial Pacific regions were warmer than in the east. That is, the temperature record was set without the assistance of El Nino. Researchers believe that the Earth's temperature has now reached the highest values for the last million years, although the difference with the warmest periods of the past is not more than 1 C. In recent thirty years the temperature increased on average by 0,2 C per decade, according to Reuters.. .

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