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September 29, 2015


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The globalization is one of the subjects that never leave scene, is as that pants that we use a time and that it passes years and years kept in the closet and times later it reappears in its body. Many do not like and they do not accept the globalization, the capitalism, however the following hypothesis is raised: it will be that today the world would be so advanced in a socialist system? It does not have doubts that the paid world a great price for being in a capitalist system, since its I begin, when the world passed for a species of land division and conflicts in which thousands of peoples had disappeared, where the society passed of humanist for consumista, an example is economic crisis that it affected and it affects the planet, where we have as great protagonist the United States, the first economy of the planet in full process of contraction and that for consequence it takes all the too much countries to suffer economic crises: unemployment, increase of the social inaquality, etc However a positive point for this process of globalization exists all: technological advances; the cellular computer science, Internet, telephones, the household-electric ones that they are indispensable to our day the day, as stove, iron to pass and the eletroeletrnicos, as radio and television. With this ' ' capitalism global' ' , the world can walk together, grow in sustainable way in all the sectors if not in igualitria way at least without great inaqualities, since that all fulfill with its functions, mainly State, that is to consider conditions of equality for all the peoples, making great investments in all the sectors, over all in education, and not to remove of the superior classrooms in abusive way with collections of taxes, it stops later to distribute the inferior population of low income or villain as the Brazilian government makes creating one ties of dependence until a certainty ' ' clientelismo' ' or ' ' assistencialismo' '. Before everything this, we can conclude that, the globalization can be better, but it stops this is necessary that it has a bigger participation of the State as already cited, the society if to join around the cause: reduction of the social inaqualities and the media to make its function: to show the reality of the facts, criticizing and considering solutions to decide the problems and to be the door voice of the society without any type of manipulation, the third sector working together with excessively. to jornalismoemprimeirolugar

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