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June 11, 2020

Gold: A Precious Metal With History

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Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed gold fascinated people with his amazing charisma at the times of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. The Aachen gold specialist of Guido Frings provides insight into the history of gold. In the realm of the Pharaohs found gold already before 4,000 years use in the manufacture of jewelry and ceremonial objects or was used as a currency in the form of ingots. In addition to copper, the precious metal thus belongs to the oldest processed metals. The hunger of the Egyptian pharaohs to ever larger amounts of gold became the engine of the mining and metal processing technology of ancient times and simultaneously drive the development of trade relations with distant lands. Circa 600 BC, the use of gold as a monetary basis took after an important step forward. In Lydia, first pure gold and silver coins were produced on order of King Croesus, famous to this day. The triggered this change in economic life had continued on the entire ancient world.

Gold was to drive the expansion of the Empire in the Roman Empire. The Iberian Peninsula, Gaul, as well as areas in today’s Bosnia and Romania were incorporated into the Empire, to exploit its rich gold deposits. For the economic power of the Roman Empire was very conducive to this approach, but had no sufficient deposits its tribal areas in Central and southern Italy. After the Roman Empire sank 550 A.d. in the year, a reactionary epoch began not only culturally. Gold mining came to a standstill for 400 years. Given a significantly shrunken compared to ancient gold mining the precious metal soared further during the middle ages. Finally, it was valuable enough to trigger the discovery and conquest of travel of the colonial States.

In particular Portugal and Spain did in this period as their hunger, entire cultures influenced risk-taking seafaring Nations, after gold, partly destroyed also. Rich gold finds in Russia, California, Alaska, Australia and South Africa triggered the gold rush period in the 19th century. Countless People answered the call of the precious metal in the remotest regions of the world in search of better living conditions, wealth or adventure. A few found their fortune and now ghost towns bear witness to this, what happened once the gold wealth of a region was exhausted. With the advancing exploitation easy to possibilities gold deposits of the individual, adventurous character of gold mining gave way to the modern commodity groups in the present increasingly. Today, the gold mining is virtually completely dominated by them. Currently, gold is a very sought-after plant and object of speculation. For this reason it is worth for private individuals and many organisations gold items to sell gold bars etc.

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