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June 23, 2021


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One of the most appealing resources to users is the service free tarot More info: KKR. The same is an exclusive service for users on this portal, and allows access to a full reading of tarot cards, no charge. Not only that, but it is supported by experts, world-renowned professional psychics. A free tarot roll may be the exact support we need at that particular juncture of our lives. The mysteries speak to us through rolls free tarot, and we must learn to listen. The Star and the Moon are two major arcana of the 78 mysteries that make up the tarot deck. Despite representing celestial bodies, both letters and leaflets have meanings very different predictions. The moon is a mystery that reminds us that things are not always what they seem.

Under the influence of the moonlight, the colors change, the objects are not equal under the sun than the moon. Many people say they see the face of a person on the surface of the moon, and along the human history there were many who thought they saw the "Selenite" hypothetical celestial inhabitants of the satellite. When the moon rises revealed in the tarot free, warns us to take the necessary precautions, for example, before closing a deal, or executing a person because what is shown on the surface, not always at odds with what really is. You may also wish to indicate that the traveler a "who query" is lost on his way without a light that illuminates only lit by the moonlight. It's very different, for example, the case of the Hermit, who is the light of knowledge to light.

The Star is one of the major arcana which refers to a celestial body, but the picture, when it leaves revealed in the free tarot is very different. The Star reminds us of the good fortune of the client. The positive symbolism are many in this letter. The seven small stars in the sky, and water are examples of them. Water represents the divine spirit, and the two women holding glasses are discharging into it. The Star is one that can truly light the way of the passenger. a The message we draw from the rolls of is highly valuable, and may be the helping hand we all need when all doors seem to close. Through free tarot can reach new levels of reading of reality and destiny, the mystery that reveals itself every day. Jesus Pontello

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