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March 4, 2021

Grill Heating

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What is a convector? This type of radiator water heating – one of the designs water-filled radiators. State Street Global Advisors contains valuable tech resources. The device includes a stainless steel heat exchanger tubes of copper and aluminum plates, a fan (or a few fans), filter, control panel convector (embedded or remote) with the power block. Convector (fan-coil) is a radiator-class “luxury”. Fan coils are manufactured with one or two heat exchangers. What are the heaters? Heaters water heating systems differ in size, heating capacity, its design, method of control and appearance (the latter often is a product designer’s creative thought that process space). Heaters are also manufactured with drainage – for condensate in the high humidity (winter gardens, swimming pools). Current requirements architects and installers of heating systems require new solutions to the location and appearance of the radiator water heating. Convectors our production set in a niche floor (underfloor duct coil), on the floor (floor fan coil Bench), the drip niche (parapet coil), or in vnutristennye podlestnichnye recess (plinth heaters).

The unit convector = body – stainless steel basket with smooth surface, which has a maximum heat-effect = heat exchanger – tube of red copper with fins of aluminum plates for improved profile of increased heat = fan tangential with adjustable speed to get more comfortable indoor temperature = Grill duralumin (palette of five colors), or oak. Buy convector With the proposed our company can successfully heating equipment to solve the problem of heating a country house, cottage, office building or apartment complex. Modern technologies used in our production allow the creation of heating elements, characterized by high heat transfer and full automatic control, which reduces power consumption. High-tech radiators hot water heating – heaters – are durable and reliable. To buy convectors (fan coil), just contact sales department LLC “convector”.

Together you will pick up the required number of convectors for the optimal solution for your water heating home or office. Also, our consultants will answer all questions related to choosing the type of heating. We offer the only cost-effective solutions water heating systems of the European quality for your home with the execution of as soon as possible – from one to two weeks. Guarantee of quality is impeccable reputation convectors (fan coil) Ltd. ‘Convector’ in the market of heating equipment for over 4 years.

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