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September 20, 2018

Head Image

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Choose a shade that blends well with a touch of your skin. Remember that a scarf is located close to your face and so charming right shade can immediately attract all the attention surrounding your litsu.Bandana: Another popular way of wearing a scarf or shawl – it's a bandana. Silky texture and square or triangular forms may be used to create this spectacular style. Do you want to protect your hair from sun damage, or try a relaxed hippie image, you can use color or monochrome scarf or shawl for a bandana. Tie a knot under the strands of hair or over them, as in the 50s, pick a color that is suitable for your hair and shade throughout the image. How wide and more narrow styles wearing, well you will join cheerful, laid-back image. Fold the scarf or handkerchief so as to obtain a long horizontal line, and then tie it around your head. This style is perfect for a picnic on the head for gorodom.Lenta: The headscarf can also be used as a belt.

This style is perfect for high "horse tail" or whipped negligent tufts of hair. Place your hair in a romantic style, fold the cloth several times along the diagonal and wrap around the head. Place it above or close to the forehead, depending on what part of the hair you would like to emphasize. For those who face long and oblong, it is best to choose option closest to the forehead, as it is visually truncates and rounds the face. The tape also looks good with her long hair, laid large lokonami.Na wrist: A variety of colors and patterns shawls give us the opportunity to wear them on the wrist.

Starting from scarves with the colors, ending with scarves with skulls and peas – all these colorful accessories will add completeness to your image and add the raisins. Fold the fabric and wrap it around your wrist, choose a narrower and more simple handkerchief, which will not look too bulky on your wrist. Wrap the scarf a few times, so it does not slip off from your hand. Gently tie a knot so it does not wage a long time and kept original appearance. Wear a scarf over one or both hands, depending on the style of your image. Accessory to your bag: You can liven up your bag by adding to it a fashion accessory in the form of a scarf or shawl in 2011. Wrap or tie lightweight scarf around the handles of your bag, choose the appropriate or, for greater effect, contrasting color scarf or shawl. It is a combination scarf and bag will give you a general attention, owing to the effect created by both accessories. You can create complex sites, or leave the scarf loosely decreasing the side bags. Experiment with different combinations of colors to liven up a simple featureless image.

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