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March 14, 2021

Henry Ford

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It is their confidence and determination in achieving its objective. Look, an opposition, as some other vicissitudes of life, is a process in which one sells himself making see a court who knows and dominates the capabilities required of it. Any seller of whatever, will get nothing important if he doesn’t believe in what you’re selling. You (the opposition) are selling your qualities to some experts in that product, i.e. the Court clients.

Well, if you do not believe in the product that you sell do you think that you will be able to sell it to a court? I assure you that the first step essential for any sale is not, have absolute confidence in the product (your own) and of course on your ability to sell it (your preparation) without the two things it is safe that you’re not going to get. _ _ _ (**) Admittedly, today even with that determination and due to the high physical both level as required knowledge, you could have done it in a manner so reckless. _ _ _ From the 88 year I have been teaching preparatory training to aspirants to the fire brigade and some other sectors of the administration. I have always told my students and experience has shown me, that any applicant that goes everywhere (as I used to say, with the dagger in the mouth) only has to compete with two like him, each offered Plaza. Don’t be impressed by the number of applicants, no matter.

If you’re there yet only have to compete with two more by your place. Now, if you’re not one hundred percent. friend, sorry to tell you so crude way, but you would disservice if I don’t, you don’t spend your time nor your money, you won’t get. It is hard but it is true. At the end of a journey, in the background, whatever the outcome, we always knew that that was what was going to happen, but if it is a failure it is possible to cost us admit it in public. Henry Ford said: whether you think you can, as if you think you can’t, you’re right. It depends on what one creates for itself, if you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect others to do it. That happens to anyone today leave intensively prepare the opposition you are interested. Mine was from another era and with a level of ridiculous requirement in the present circumstances (even though they were not then, times change). It would not be reckless but madmen or dreamers trying to do what I did. But now I know that if I did something well, that is just the first step that one must always carry out: the decision. I one day did. and I got it! You can also do it! For your success in this adventure original author and source of the article

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