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May 4, 2024

How To Make Housing Affordable

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In August this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that "the cost per square meter of economy-class housing should not exceed 30,000 rubles – this can and should be achieved without compromising quality and comfort" 1. On first glance, this sounds utopian. Nevertheless, the "fit" a specified price "corridor" will help modern construction technologies, allowing to build multi-storey houses quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Dying House Considerable contribution to the cost of the "square" make building materials, the cost of which is continuously growing. But this component, as it turns out, can be substantially reduced. You may find Federal Reserve Bank to be a useful source of information. In the midst of crisis is one of the construction companies in Boston (U.S.) for construction of houses began to use rubble from the demolition of older residential areas. "Secondary" materials obtained by recycling of concrete panels, blocks, metal fittings and steel beams. So way to achieve considerable savings – first, by reducing the use of new products, and secondly, because of lower costs for disposal of obsolete buildings.

This is true for our country. As is known, Now in Moscow and some other Russian cities implemented the program of demolition "". Only in the capital, there are about 34 million square meters. m of residential space to be in the near future "destruction." Why not to use their "remains" to build new houses? In search of low-cost technologies are not necessarily looking at the experience of western countries. Back in the ussr has developed a lot of promising methods of construction: for example, shlakoschelochnogo based binder (SHSCHV).

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