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May 14, 2014


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Since gnese the man had basic paper to take care of of the land, to always constitute family and life in community, however in the measure where the decades had passed and the technologies they had evolved, the man ignores the principles and the values of the antiquity. with this revolt without reason a gigantic difference in its behavior occurred, where currently the planet comes suffering significant climatic changes. it is enough to remember the last events mentioned in all the medias, being that the majority of them is aggravated by the launching of polluting gases in the atmosphere and by the inadequate exploration of the natural resources. Beyond aborting the idea of that the environment never will finish, the man adopted the individualistic thought leaving of if worrying about the next one and the common good, preferring to divide the space with the violence and the lovelessness. as example, he is enough to cite the natural disasters of the previous years, where only at precarious moments, nation helps nation. To each catastrophic fury of the nature, if he discloses to the few that still to be for coming. we must again analyze the attitudes concluded until the present, rescuing the ignored principles and values, giving hands ones to the others, making an immense and strong chain, thus reverting the situation.

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