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November 8, 2012

Industrial Relations, The Importance At Work, Or Undertaking

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We’ve all been exposed or had any employment relationship at some point in our lives when that man was social by nature to perform work activities looked in the need to work in teams or working groups to able to develop, the world’s greatest cultures have been developed through excellent coordination of work (or subordination being controlled by their form of government) and good organization. (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, etc. .) Today, developed countries are no exception, and the good teamwork in business and government makes the difference, and that will be reflected positively or negatively in various activities. Relations (when referring to these as the set of activities, tasks, forms of socialization, or treatment for workers, employees or partners in an organization with common goals and objectives of work) are the essence in the organization, the foundation of all good teamwork, a good and harmonious working environment in these.

A company or a social entity that has problems in their labor relations will fail in the medium or long-term competitiveness, productivity and performance, speaking in the general sense of it, may not meet all its goals and objectives outlined in the individual sense the worker that develops in a work environment difficult and tense, you can not keep pace with work and have difficulty making everyday tasks. To refer to the sense of the word from the personal relations we take a work environment, work with others, but what can be done to make working relationships with peers, subordinates, bosses are nice every day? And How to create suitable working environments?, well, would think that having the same objectives and common goals we would work together, but unfortunately is more complex. Human resource management, psychology, anthropology, sociology, industrial psychology and other sciences that study human behavior in work environments, are aware that the human being by their complex individuality and what makes us so different to each one of us, become a workplace equally complex in its structure, organization and administration, and the need to create more new jobs that make more advisable organization.

Grow to maintain good labor relations in enterprises is being attentive to the needs each member of the organization have job analysis, evaluation, performance indicators and behavior at any given time we may indicate a failure in these relationships, that is to have continuous monitoring of the organization throughout the whole, recognizing that the worker is a key element in the companies for their productivity.

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