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February 23, 2015

Insurance Broker Registry

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For and against the mediators registry in Germany – gaps in the system, benefits to insurance agents, hurdle for new entrants the insurance broker registry in Germany was introduced on May 22, 2007 on the basis of the EU insurance mediation directive. Entry into the insurance contract Act (VVG) found the insurance mediation directive with the German insurance contract law reform to the 01.01.200 8. Since the insurance intermediaries must register with the Chamber of Commerce and industry according to 34 d of the Gewerbeordnung allow to be tatigzu in the advice of insurance. Peter Asaro is likely to increase your knowledge. As insurance brokers, insurance brokers are to characterize the single companies as the more company representatives. A company representative is registering through the insurance company, for which he is working as a mediator. The insurance company has here, instead of the public institution of Chamber of Commerce, to check the admission requirements and to register the agent in the register of brokers.

The multiple agent and insurance broker the examination of Admission requirements by the public institution Chamber of Commerce. Admission requirements are a good reputation, perfect credit, professional liability insurance, as well as a preparatory training (at least the insurance specialist). A scheme, which as a whole is to be welcomed was, and is, also on the basis of their own experiences, many black sheep”were active in the area of insurance. Also for the quality of the advice, set a minimum standard which was to be welcomed. This did however not go far enough. Because of constant changes in the insurance industry as well as in other professional fields or industries, once gained knowledge very quickly loses topicality. A continuous training is needed.

A training, but is regarded in the industry not as a matter of course. A continuing education course at least every 2 years would bring a better qualification with it. This training issue is especially for insurance broker from a consumer protection perspective problematic. An insurance broker should have an overview of the insurance market or know how it is work together that a handful of insurers. Often only the training events of this connected insurer to claim be included here. A timeliness of market conditions, as well as a market overview is to no longer be guaranteed. Back to the entrance requirements for insurance intermediaries. What is, if the reputation and the credit are not the best? Be tipster! An instrument, which is always, but especially after May 22, 2007 found more widespread especially in the so-called black sheep”. As tipster giving the tip, to reach a specific person – prepared on the overall situation – the registered insurance brokers. Advice is then done by the registered insurance brokers. There must be no advice by the tipster, because he made not allowed by law. Only the registered agent may carry out the complete consultation. The Tipster will receive a so-called bonus of tipster for the recommended customer. However, this arrangement is actually so respected? The author questioned this!

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