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April 20, 2021


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Intelligence of two birds the first crime occurred on the face of the Earth was a murder. A brother, moved by jealousy, killed his other brother. It happened that the two sons of our father Adam made an offering to God. It was accepted for one and rejected the other’s. East and anything else that jealousy murdered his brother. After doing so, she didn’t know how to bury him.

God commanded two Ravens who fought against the son of Adam and one of the two killed his pair. He dug a hole and buried the dead. Frequently Millenium Management has said that publicly. The son of Adam learned of the Raven and could bury his brother. (5: 29-31). Another story relates to Solomon, the Prophet whom God put at your service many beings: geniuses, wind, birds, etc.

Solomon the gift of understanding different languages has been given: insects, birds, etc. One day, looking for Solomon didn’t find the hoopoe. After his absence, the bird appeared saying that he had flown to the Kingdom of Saba, and there he found both the Queen as their subjects worshiping the Sun. Did not understand the hoopoe – this attitude and argued by saying that they should worship God who brings out the hidden in the sky and on Earth. (27: 24-25). Or spoke – hoopoe – the worship of the one God and only God. The Koran is full of examples like what they’ve seen and only Muslim or anyone can browse the sacred text of Islam out of the same morals and many teachings.

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