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November 6, 2012

Inter Experience

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To understand the place of experience, the city and its landscape is to give sensible to the identity that the individuals have of natural and manufactured objects. When perceiving themselves and having themselves as reference the continuous movements of the society, clareia the agreement of the standards of distribution of the places, that is, that the place is existing connection and control point of some nets in the territory. Therefore, the experience place can be understood as a net organized in internal and external plans at the same time – as it appraises Milton Saints; it can be understood as the historical and current factors if they conjugate; as the looks in relation to the world are extended, allowing us to develop a geography of the strategical small farms, in the measure where they can be connected, to organize themselves in urban nets, to stimulate the commercial flows and to create dynamic of interchanges between itself, from any place of the world. We can, however, understand the city as the experience place, where if it points out most of the world-wide population, where if they establish the relations of exchange between the production and the consumption and where if nets of functional relations in multiple scales gestam superece of fishes. The social relations are predominantly producing of broken up, dichotomized and conflitivos spaces. For its diversity they create some types of territories, that are continuous in extensive areas or discontinous in points and nets, formed in different scales and dimensions.

Such Inter-relations promote movements of the social spaces and the territories. However, it has, also, the idea of the experience place, of belonging, heir of the history of objects and people who give meant and if they confuse with the history of the place and its inhabitants. In this direction, the place as nodal relation and as belonging relation can be seen by two distinct angles of looking at the same on space of the man in the time of the globalizado world.

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