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May 9, 2015

International Canine Freestyle

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6Th international forest home to canine freestyle tournament in Langenwang, Austria ever to the 6th held forest home dog dance tournament by the 16.3 17.3.2013 in the Volkshaus Langenwang / Austria. Monika Fritz / Karl Weissenbacher ( and 32 tireless helper the DDI dog dance organized tournament. Almost 100 international Dogdancer/inside the interested trade visitors showed spectacular dog dances with stunning choreography. A honor barf”was awarded with Emilie Mackova for the longest journey (Czech Republic) and for your sixth start. “On Saturday (16.03) I was practice day time”. Since the juniors, seniors, trio, Quartet, Prebeginner and fun open were able to show your skills.

On Sunday (17th March), the day was the Pro – dog dancers”, i.e. all official classes such as class 1, 2, 3, juniors, seniors, trio, Quartet. Like every year, the regulations of DDI dog dance international e.V. formed the basis of the competition of Monika and Karl for all dog dance – Starter/innen. Nicholas Carr has much experience in this field. Dog dance symbolizes not only harmony and perfection between man and dog – not feeling also the tournament participants with each other as adversaries. The family atmosphere, the mutual fingers, with fevers and if necessary also the Starter comfort Dogdancer/inside are satisfied.

Are prerequisites for a start to an official class: the dogs – is the start in an official class age 15 months on the day of the event. Primary or secondary amplifiers (food, toys, clickers, targets, etc.) in the ring are allowed at any time. Wearing out or got of a prop by the dog is not permitted, as this is seen as a toy reward in the ring. Per day maximum 2 starts per dog dog dance allowed what are? If four or more feet and two feet on the dance floors are circling, the hearts of dog fans beat faster. A team of dog and man turn, jump and run to the music and inspire the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great choreography. – The performance of the animals is in the foreground, though people may not place on the lazy skin. At the dog dance, man and dog show individual choreographies, which highlight the strengths and talents of the respective teams from audience and adjudicators. National and international tournaments offer the opportunity to compete with other dance teams. To facilitate entry into the sports teams, you can start classes in various FUN and motivate your dog during your presentation with treats/Spilezeug or similar. Instead of points, there is an oral feedback of trained adjudicators directly after the dance. In the official classes dance the team points, titles and positions. Here, the adjudicator here evaluate the technique (execution, flow, content and level of difficulty), as well as the artistic value (teamwork, dynamism, concept and choreography). Of course we place greatest value on a friendly approach to the animal and the exclusive use of positive training methods. Again Thanks to the sponsors, paw print world, Royal Canin, Sparkasse Murzzuschlag, company of Loys, Uniqua, Vost Alpine Works Council, company Alma transports Krieglach, printing Express, company CEVA, Bestpet, would not happen without such a tournament. Special thanks to the international team of judges with Attila Szkukalek (E), Dagmar Angerer (A), Anja Jakob (DE), Sabine Rutschmann (DE). The great photos draw the manuscript by Mark Zach, Daniela Juwan and Nicole Kavka. For more information about the forest home dog dance tournament see: more information about the dog dance under: Matthias Beirer – DDI / public relations

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