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July 7, 2012

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Another funny way to update your blog and to maintain to your readers interested in your site is to include something funny so that your readers enjoy. That could be as simple as a joke or perhaps a connection to a humoristic history that you have found in Internet. Also you can try to include a game of questions or surveys so that your readers enjoy regularly. It participates in the communities of Internet: The participation in communities Web or forums of discussion mentioning your blog whenever it is possible, will help to maintain the readers you and to that they return to your site. In addition, of which you can gain new readers when doing this. Also you can be loyal to blogs of other writers and to ask to them that they visit your site. It leaves pleasant commentaries about its contents you invite and them to your site. If they have mutual interest and the same type of readers, they even can share its bonds blog in its sites.

This aid to all. Your reader will be able to appreciate an interesting reading, while he benefits from the reading of the site of another one. He finds out that they look for in your blog: Another great way to maintain your readers and that they return to by more is to understand than look for is it in your blog and to write a content directed towards them, nevertheless this does not mean that you must write in particular of a single subject. If you are a housewife and you write on your life in house, with the children, your reading faithfuls they do not appreciate that you write on vanguard subjects, or if you use bad words when writing it. If normally you write with humor, you do not disturb to your readers with painful problems. Your readers are interested in the subjects that attracted your site the first time to them.

You can obtain one better understanding than your readers think, if you include a space so that they leave his commentaries at the end of each Post. He includes key words: With the Blog Marketing, you can gain readers and help to maintain those that you have, including certain key words in your blog. If they have entered your blog by a motor search, these key words that aims at your blog are going to raise after a search. This is a great way to obtain new readers interested in your blog, and so that the companies to increase the traffic to his blog. Blogging is the new way to take to a newspaper or magazine in line. Blogging also is more and more popular for the companies. If you wish to cause that your blog honors on the thousands of others blogs, mantn your interested readers and that they return to by plus every day by means of the update of content, participates in communities online, understands his readers and include key words. By an effective emprendimiento.

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