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March 14, 2021

ISBN Knowledge

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Ability to change needs knowledge, that as success-critical intellectual capital must be evaluated but only once properly to the success factors of the business management is one of information in addition to the factor the factor enhances communication. It methods, instruments and means must be provided, to distill knowledge enterprise-wide data from different sources and platforms. Ever more effective businesses dig through their records and “Finish”, the more successful they can operate in the market. The Intelligent analysis of data by means of data mining can bring competitive advantages over the competition. Analysis tools can be used also for instructions, who will be a good customer and pays on time.

With the obtained data can be improved customer relations and invested advertising dollars there, where they bring the most success. Data mining allows, for example, predictions about which customers due to demographic characteristics or their previous behavior probably most likely for a new product or a new service will be interested in. The company can target groups align their marketing campaigns based on the results of such mining and thereby reduce wastage and save marketing money. More info: Jamie Dimon. It comes to identify customer segments and to track behavior correlations between customer groups and product offerings. CF. Becker, Jorg: Change management and intellectual capital report from the process perspective, 2009, ISBN 9783837094190.

For the company with its varied means of communication and information exchanges it is important that knowledge refined data in the proper communication channels reach: communication in all its facets thus becomes the important Supreme and distinguishing feature: in the battle for customers and markets for this purpose optimized concepts and procedures need to be developed. It involves the disclosure of the connection lines with the possibly wrongly only on the concept of knowledge balances the business edge. The non-financial value drivers are like a socket (Assets that contribute to the value of the company and are not material goods or investments) below the water surface, which often makes up the larger part of the iceberg of corporate performance. The acquisition of intellectual capital is generally advantageous primarily because usual financial statements reflect only the financial and material past. For more specific information, check out millennium management. It is also always the unknown, i.e. the so-called soft”factors that drive markets. Employment with the intellectual capital opened ways to preserve the sensitivity to changes. Companies that rely solely on material factors, are sluggish and less sensitive to changes in the market.

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