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February 21, 2021


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Information for sale in the shower are positive (KundInnen-) Position. Again: It’s up but the sales. Producers and service Leister must know the customers temporarily biggest bottleneck and dissolve! They sell bulk products or services which can touch the customer and use immediately (such as a hair dryer: success experience immediately). He will show them his best friends, and their feedback will subsequently decide the subjective buyers- aftertaste (soft facts) and the objective purchase price comparison (hard facts). I (text forge sold services over 20 years. Products and services the customer personalized, individualized only weeks and months later possesses. With a car manual or a House, you sell services associated with much optimism and confidence.

Be paid must already prior to delivery. Therefore, know and I follow a systemic holistic approach from experience. Utility maximization: Bottleneck resolution with additional benefits. In the foreground, he heard Customer (management) with his natural compulsion to the satisfaction of needs, even in the age of the Internet (Cybernetics) and neural marketing (management). There are two types of producers.

The primary analog thinking falls in his product. The primary digital thinking is in love in his income. Customers re acted always equals (open control sub systems = people): first part autonomous body (control, management) reports, the partially controlled ((Kybernetik) can be used to its greatest bottleneck to: such as hunger (physiological B.). (S. Maslowsche Bedurfnispyramide: physiologische B., Sicherheit, Soziale B., individuelle B., selbst-Verwirklichung) ( Here, the animal to shoots with the lust frustration – effect filter in terms of feeling first to enable or depress. The last decision is here for two offers in the 10 m distance (sausage or beer). Alas for him, who can decide for mental health reasons… Then go through our cultural loading needs the individual praise blame filter (conscience) for the good-evil query. Here are the moral(en) and the social rules with his social context matching. Last is the logical willing e-GRU (e) nd ing in the true-false-filter: here the purchase price and the amount etc. is questioned and GE – right manufactures… The drives and (love) needs are satisfied directly, it is very often a replacement be satisfaction: someone buys the 5 leather jacket… or he sublimated his purchase-powered by a spare plot: he goes to the movies…, or it comes as an alternative to an abdication of the purchase with absence of lust. The replacement satisfaction is only a short-term positive emotion. Then the feeling of frustration when buyers dominated again very quickly. If the sale is not your core competence, then let help! It is (was?) effective and efficient (how?) Information from the customers perspective required. Not expensive strategies and tactics with even more expensive boss self representations. Its Wolfgang Schwalm (C)

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