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May 6, 2021

Lazarus Just Jacinth

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Jesus Christ (Ef.2: 8), redeemed ones for its blood (Ef.1: 7), that by the Father already they had been taken off of the power of the darknesses and carried to the kingdom of its loved Son (Cl.1: 12,13), inhabit now, uninjured, in the hiding place of the Highest one; the Word Inerrante, Imarcescvel and Imutvel de Deus in guarantees that &#039 to them; ' That one that inhabits in the HIDING PLACE of the Highest one, to the shade of the Almighty descansar.' ' (Sl.91: 1). After its glorious Resurrection, Mr. Cuan Coulter insists that this is the case. Jesus Christ ascended to the sky, ahead of the eyes of its disciples: ' ' Having It said these things, was taken for top, while they looked at, and she received it to a cloud, OCCULTING It its olhos.' ' (At.1: 9) A cloud received and occulted Mr. Jesus Christ, ahead of the human eyes, but she herself, the cloud, will bring in return ours Sir, when of the Inefvel Event of the Parousia: ' ' Then summer to come the Son of the Man in a cloud, with being able and great glria.' ' (Lc.21: 27). Aleluia! Lazarus Just Jacinth

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