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February 27, 2015

Life Insurance

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Comparison of life insurance from the ancient Greece and the current life insurance. The history of life insurance goes back far into antiquity. Numerous insurance companies were founded in this time, which, however, had no great chance of survival, because eventually the mathematical understanding of the exact calculation of insurance premiums were not so mature in this time, as they are today. Ultimately, many of these insurance companies to fail were condemned, because there were too many cases of insurance just wars. First and foremost, the insurance companies of at that time differ substantially from the insurance today. The main insurance companies of that time undoubtedly include the fire insurance and life insurance. While the fire insurance has lost importance in recent years, the life insurance remains one of the most popular insurance companies today. The story of the life insurance probably has its roots in ancient Greece.

No wonder, after all was it also Risk relatively large, because finally policyholders were affected during this time often a lower life expectancy and a constant threat of war. First and foremost, policyholders had the opportunity to secure their loved ones through the payment of contributions during this period. This as we know it today but rather to death and fire funds the risk of individuals through the use of many covered it was less an organized insurance. When it came to conflicts, this death funds in the ancient Greece were often under financial pressure. Because few were no wonder, able to lift several claims at once. Ultimately this led again and again, that numerous death and fire funds had to go bust. But the risk was recognized early by war. For this reason many insurance companies basically this risk under their insurance contract.

This clause has up to the present inventory. Ultimately, customers will then receive a hedge, if the Policyholder not in wars or riots killed comes. However, the risk of becoming a victim of an armed conflict during this period was significantly higher than it is today. This was mainly due to the geographical distribution of the Mediterranean. Although the Greeks had not spread, because they preferred regions, were similar to their homeland. This means that generally a small hill of the Acropolis had to be available to the colonization. In addition, but also the many climatic conditions had to match your own habits. This made impossible an imperial expansion. However, Greeks lived centuries with the threat from the Persians, who in the 5th century BC Athens raided and plundered. Today, the life insurance has fundamentally changed. Who today wants to conclude a risk life insurance, can consult with a Filialversicherer or his personal insurance on the Internet. The net policyholders find a whole A series of possibilities, as you can compare rates. In addition, there is also the possibility to sell life insurance and to make a profit for customers. The market for the sale of life insurance on the Internet has established itself in the meantime. To do this, customers must compare only the bids and then decide for the right offer (source: life reverse safety Unverkauf).

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