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February 25, 2020

London Gold Fixing Official

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How gold by EUR transforms old jewelry gold gold distance gold buying company by EUR explains step by step the process of transformation of the jewels that buys gold. His Flickr account shows all the detailed process using photographs, since jewels are received and until they become molten gold. In our Flickr Gallery photo to photo is shown how a company’s purchase of gold rigorous and professional, with own pricing Center: every morning, the experts upgraded the appraised value based on the official price of gold set by the London Gold Fixing. The Messenger who brings the packs with jewels accesses a secure camera located at the entrance of the center of appraisal and makes delivery of packets. Shipping has an insurance for the total peace of mind. The next step is to check that the bag has not been handling and that all documentation has been received correctly. Each week all records are delivered to the police in order to make the mandatory police procedure.

Thereby we ensure that all sent jewels are from reliable sources. The appraisal process consists of depositing part of metal on a touchstone, which is submitted to the reaction of different acids that will determine whether it is gold or other metal and purity (Carat) of that gold. The professional rigour is assured. Each piece is analyzed by three different experts. In the next step, a second assessor weighs each jewel individually, discounting the gross weight the weight of any item that is not itself the gold (pearls, stones and others), this resulting weight obtained is also scored on the picture next to the jewel.

The jewels are deposited in a bag marked with the reference and kept in the safe, where they will remain monitored by security cameras 24 hours until it the official deadline of 15 days in custody. The next phase is passed all the information generated by the appraisers to our Administration Department, which will determine the exact of each one of the jewels, value calculated by a computer system CRM. Finally removed the jewels from the safe and separates all the scrap containing (pearls, stones and metals that are not gold). Once made jigging and separation, the assessor shall prepare the jewels of gold in its different quilatajes and finally sent them to refine. If you want to sell gold, keep in mind that not all companies offer warranties and guaranteed and rigorous processes of pricing as described. About EUR-EUR gold-gold is the leader in Spain of long-distance gold jewellery purchase. Thousands of satisfied customers guarantee their highest quality service, where they offer the highest security and best price for the value of the jewels of gold. They have a center official appraisal itself in which all the jewels are verified and priced according to the official price of gold. Payment within 24 hours and discretion are guaranteed.

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