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December 21, 2020

Looking Forward To Easter And A Light For Louisiane

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Connect the joy and sorrow; Bring a light in the darkness there is the anticipation a nicer and more exciting time than the time? Looking forward to the spring, the warm season, the first flowers, walks, on Easter and bright children’s eyes. Children are the future. Children are very close to the heart. While I worked at the beginning of the year on the Easter Bunny history \”Pepi\” illustrations designed, the nights with the characters \”Pepi\” and \”Loli\” spent, political turmoil erupted in Madagascar. As a result there, more insecurity, more poverty. A part of my heart is in Madagascar. My help project \”Antsika\” I founded 2005, built a fountain in the middle of nowhere, so that more than 340 people get clean water and now the project serves more than 20 children. Now I was sitting on the Easter Bunny history for children in the German-speaking and blossomed in this creative activity.

So much fun writing, painting, drawing, as much anticipation! However, by the way, I followed the unrest on the Red Island, the last Paradise, Madagascar. I designed the Easter Bunny history already years ago when power failure and candle-light (2005) in Mahajanga on the West coast of Madagascar. Finally children should happy, who see images and learn about the rabbits \”Pepi\”. History answers the questions, why the rabbit colorfully painted eggs and why he’s hiding them even every year, in a funny way. The book three Easter songs for children created – by the way – just the joy of work.

By the interested Austrian children’s Publisher I said goodbye, because it was too slow. I wanted to stop my power. Who ever published a book, audiobook, and children’s songs to all tasks even took over to marketing, know what work I’m talking about, what enthusiasm you must place on the day. And all under time pressure… because lets Easter is badly timed move.

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