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January 20, 2021


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THE DIRECTORATE OF MARKETING Today, marketing is everywhere, as our daily lives are influenced by this tool, which becomes one of the main factors for business success. Get all the facts and insights with Allstate Insurance Company, another great source of information. Marketing is both an art and a science that requires planning and careful execution. The importance of marketing Financial success usually depends on the talent business and business marketing. Many companies have created positions for a senior marketing executive whose responsibility is placed at the same level as other senior executives.Organisations of all kinds: industrial, service and even nonprofit organizations, announced its latest marketing achievements through their press releases. Marketing is a delicate task that has become weak for some companies that once very successful, forcing to reconsider their business models, that is renewed. Marketing managers must make decisions both general and detailed decisions that define carefully all product features, prices, markets, advertising and even color.Companies that do not track their customers and competitors and also not constantly improving their offerings are those that do not meet the expectations of its shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners. The scope of marketing In the first instance we define which is the marketing, which is to identify and meet the needs and desires of individuals and society.And a broader definition defines marketing management as the art and science of selecting the target markets and achieve win, maintain and increase the number of customers through the generation, communication and delivering greater value to the customer. You can give a social definition of marketing that says marketing is a social process by which groups and individuals get what they need and want through creating, offering and the free exchange of goods and services of value to other groups or individuals. As for the business definition has generally been defined as the art of selling products. But not just about that.The marketing aims to know and understand so well the consumer that the products or services conform perfectly to your needs and sold alone. Exchanges and transactions In exchange marketing is all process of getting another product you want, offering something in return. A transaction is an exchange of values between two or more parties. When two parties are negotiating, that is, when they are trying to achieve mutually beneficial conditions, are said to be involved in a process of exchange. If they finally reach an agreement, then occurs what is called a transaction. A transaction differs from a transfer because it gives only a part, but in return get nothing tangible.

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