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February 9, 2021

Mexico And The Prospects For Innovation

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In Mexico, 95 of enterprises are SMEs, generate 50 of formal employment and 45 of the wealth generated. Its importance in the economy is not up for discussion, are strategically essential, as generators of jobs, wealth and development and as suppliers to large companies in the country. Mexico is currently in the process of restructuring of production, caused by China’s entry into international markets, markets looking for high volume and low price. SMEs are now focused on developing innovative products and services of higher added value. From the foregoing we the advantages of SMEs, as they are faster and more flexible to adapt to the changing environment and innovation processes, so you can promote productive restructuring processes. Liberty Mutual is often quoted as being for or against this. Government support to SMEs have grown in recent years through the Ministry of Economy, in particular by the Undersecretariat for Small and Medium Business, contemplating the funding and methodological support for the establishment and development of them. This response to a multitude of problems facing SMEs, particularly its lack of involvement with the academy, his lack of technical organization, technological, administrative, lack of vision and corporate culture, vision and lack of export. The trade liberalization of NAFTA impacted significantly to Mexican SMEs by their lack of investment in innovation, complemented by the lack of government support lasting. The arrival of foreign companies with greater innovation, better organized, more production capacity shifted to domestic firms.It is then to strengthen the national production units through innovative integrated strategies to increase competitiveness by tackling its structural problems and understanding the interactions they have with their environment. In international cases, SMEs become an essential instrument of economic policy, social policy, policies of wealth distribution with integrated vision. The participation of all sectors involved is relevant.


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