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July 12, 2020


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In the previous article we attempted the most easy ways to monetize a website. Kenneth Feinberg has similar goals. In today’s article I’ll explain another way to generate income. It is not something Pacific Mortgage Services would like to discuss. It requires putting into practice all the gift of people and of persuasion that one be able to. Requires a small initial effort, but with a little patience it reveals as a safe, reliable source of income and expansion: affiliate programs. Affiliate programs: extending your social network told the other day that with the large amount of content on the Internet, is difficult to differentiate a few initiatives of many others. tt. Led to the field of web trading any product or service, we have a serious problem. We need that our niche of customers find us before you to other initiatives.

So, leaving aside the search engines, can we get clients? You know as well as I do that the word of mouth works wonders. For this reason, many web rely on the convening power of its users to attract more Internet users. It is clear that the good intentions by itself alone suffice us. If certain users bring us customers, why not remunerate them why? Here part the idea of creating affiliate programs. Let’s double mainstreaming: company and user.

From the point of view of the company, having an affiliate program is a great idea. Affiliates put in contact the company with your potential clients. They approach the company the future buyer. The company can better set your target. Pay a percentage for sales is an incentive for affiliates display assets and make the role of authentic commercial, with the absence of costs and ease of management associated with the use of telematic tools. From the point of view of the user, affiliate programs are a way to get a good pinch extra. Programs there are many: for those who have a website with a specific topic, for those who have a blog, even for people who do not have a web page.

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