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December 23, 2020

Monocultures Are More Vulnerable What To Do Against The Domino Effect?

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Compass security AG: Vulnerability of the BRD infrastructure paves the way for cyber Rapperswil, 23 September 2009 die hard 4.0 Washington threatened a new kind of terrorism. All computer networks in the film are brought under control and the infrastructure to a virtual standstill. This could bloom also the Federal Republic of Germany, my security experts. Marco Di Filippo, Regional Director Germany of Compass security AG, shows how easy it is to compromise power, Internet and telephony networks. Additional information is available at Outlook Email. The nationwide total failure of the T-mobile network in April has proven what consequences such an incident may result in: 40 million Germans without mobile reception, even the Federal Government and the police should have been affected. While according to provider, the problem was a software error in the so-called home location register (HLR), the cause could be the next time a terrorist attack.

It is only a matter of time before criminals exploit the vulnerabilities of the BRD infrastructure\”, says Marco Di Filippo. With corresponding Know-how, which terrorists could, for example, simply pull from the Internet, is already without too much financial resources possible to manipulate our networks or to create. Everything would collapse.\” How fragile is Germany? The facts (these are based on studies of the KoSiB EC): 79% of the German fixed telephone network are in firm hand a party 81% of virus attacks have to do 99% of the users with the monoculture of our desktops Trojans and spyware underestimate almost 100% dependence on United States and monopolists such as Intel, IBM, Cisco, HP, Microsoft itself the State promotes the expansion of monoculture have a variety of operating systems would significantly reduce the risk of a domino effect. Network war the total control the motives for attacks on monocultures are often the urge then, can prove, to test boundaries and attract attention. But also a new form of terrorism.

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