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December 28, 2020


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Additional functions of the InStore DJs are: playing a CD: insert a disc in the CD drive SmartDJ searches for CD information: cover, artist, album name, title SmartDJ reflects the CD on the top screen and the Audion-system of the market search & play function: search a CD in the SmartDJ database SmartDJ presents the selected CD on the top screen and renders them brief description via the audio system: The company founded in the year 2000, MusicGenome based in Israel MusicGenome has developed a patented technology for the personalization of the digital entertainment experience. With this, a user profile, can be tailored to the individual preferences of the individuals, created. MusicGenome’s solutions submit appropriate recommendations for the purchase of including music, movies, audiobooks, or PC games, always taking into account the individual taste of each person with 80% accuracy. With its products smart multi terminal and SmartDJ solutions for enhanced customer loyalty and promotion directly at the POS (point of sales) and for the mobile sector offers the internationally active companies. The technologies, services and products from MusicGenome proved all over the world in daily use at retail chains, mobile service providers, mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators, content providers and entertainment sites. MusicGenome solutions integration leads to a demonstrable success in this, as evidenced by the increase of sales and number of users, as well as ongoing customer loyalty. More information: MusicGenome Ltd.

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