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December 5, 2020

Neodialog Learning Operators CallCenters

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Work operators, Call-centers associated with the constant communication and, therefore, belongs to one of the most communicative professions. On the other hand, low pay, staff turnover, 'burnout syndrome' is carried out to ensure that Operators are often no longer interested in the results of their work, which immediately affects the quality of services, and reduced profits from telephone sales. Among the causes of 'burnout' inability to secrete to communicate with customers, so the time – an absolutely necessary step that must pass an operator before it can join the call center job. Greg Bennett, a partner at one of the most famous training and consulting companies Altitude Premium Consulting, argues that the phone calls people rarely express in words my feelings. Thus, if in communication with the customer fails to lift the veil of words and get to really feel the other person to realize that he really likes and dislikes, what he fears, what hopes, what dreams, then sell him a product or service would be quite difficult.

It is therefore important to learn understand the hidden language of dialogue and genuine emotions other person, especially when communicating and selling over the phone. Education staff nonverbal communication skills of speech is becoming increasingly important in call-centers and telemarketing. So, Jen Hargrave, author of 'Strictly Business Body Language' (body language), argues that within half an hour of phone calls exchanged between buyer and seller are approximately 800 different nonverbal messages however, most vendors are focused directly on the words the buyer. This significantly reduces the level of service the company and, consequently, reduces the volume of sales. Therefore, a carefully designed, implemented and continuously supported the program of training and quality control of work of operators is the main tool in the arsenal of call-center manager, which helps to ensure efficient use of resources and quality customer service. This instrument is a communicative Neodialog simulator, which produces the company's employees have the skills to establish rapport quickly with clients in the negotiation process and sales. Rapport is the client a sense of understanding and trust to the manager. Communication Trainers – great for organizing almost continuous corporate sales training, telephone training negotiation, training, call center operators, and many other training courses related to business communication, negotiation, or sales.

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