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April 4, 2015

New Business

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The potential risks of operating businesses is less because it is already time-tested. Robotics has much experience in this field. 2. Fixed price. You know the exact cost of the finished business before the deal. A competent inspection of documents and properly executed a contract for its purchase, would avoid an additional, unaccounted expenses.

Opening a new business, as a rule, worth more than you have planned. Really likes to adjust any calculations in the big party, guided, apparently, 'the law Tricks'. 3. Saves time. Creating a new business is often associated with search facilities, repair, purchase of equipment, registration of licenses, business promotion, networking with suppliers. All of this can be avoided by buying ready-made business. And do not refer to the fact that the cost of this work is included in the purchase price.

Is your time is worth less and you do not what to spend it more usefully? 4. Existing customers businesses already providing cash flow, and hence return on your investment will start from day one. 5. Smaller the need for working capital. Business already has a history of working with suppliers and, hence, probably, trade credits (ie, the external financing), which has no new business. 6. Obtain business financing there are a few years a lot easier than the new. Lenders and investors know the statistics (see first paragraph). 7. Return on investment. Most businesses for sale priced relatively fair, but it can be find a ready-made business, which for various reasons, sold much cheaper than its real value. Return on investment within two to three years under the force is not every new business.

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