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February 10, 2021

New Technologies

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The national culture of computer science in the education had beginning in the years of 1980, from the results of two international seminaries (1981 and 1982) on the use of the computer as tool auxiliary of the teach-learning process. Hairdo (2004, P. 284) affirms that the movement, the speed, the sped up rhythm with that Computer science prints new arrangements in the life is of the school walks for the school, adjusting and transforming this scene and demanding a revision of the systems of hierarchies and traditionally established priorities into the teaching profession. Currently, pertaining to school, public or private environments, are not impregnated of technologies, almost always identified as ' ' novas' ' , what certainly it contributes so that, exactly those that if they had always shown reticent, demonstrate to attitudes and expectations more favorable to its use in the education. The education that we start to call ' ' virtual' ' it could not outside at least be conceived of a context where the New Technologies of Communication and Information predominate. But we are dealing not only with new technologies and yes with new concepts, that are not explicitam by themselves. Although paved in common words of our vocabulary, they bring new connotations on which if it makes necessary to reflect, and more still on the diverse implications that can have in the education. Movement of computerization in education if makes applicable to become different of what are classrooms without to bring damage for professor, as many believe that they could be dislocated, are not treated to say that it, professor will be substituted, or will lose its authority, however the evolution will make with that they feel that necessary appropriation of this way is 12 to lead with effectiveness the construction of the knowledge, for being it detainer of the knowledge, not guaranteeing the active participation of educating.

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