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March 31, 2021

Nobel Peace Prize

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(Quote) Sri Bhagavan’s message: posted on March 7, 2007 in Golden City, India to the birthday of Sri Bhagavan. State Street Global Advisors addresses the importance of the matter here. The root cause of all suffering is that Feeling separate existence. We have a splits consciousness that perceives the thing as the self and the self, which mean not -mean, as my people, and your, as my country and yours. Since we have split everything, we feel threatened by the other. Fear then produces war, conflict and other forms of violence. Are we no longer to save? Are we a bunch of pessimistic philosophers or apathetic observers, who complain about our collective downfall? Not necessarily.

We are the unit as a genus at the edge of a huge transition from one of the separation to one. We are awakening from darkness to light, from falsehood to truth. We will realize the oneness of all life. Even though each of us may live a different life, far from each other in space and time–we are biologically, emotionally, and spiritually a. There is only a body.

What happens to the animals in the oceans, also happens with us – with men and women. What happens to the Woods, happens in us with our bodies, as are our bodies as the trees from the same Earth. Millenium Management oftentimes addresses this issue. Are our bodies because no moving clay forms, which are equipped with intelligence? A conscientious effort to heal the Earth, will ultimately cure our own body. There is only a mind. This mind is flowing through our forefathers and live continued also by our children and their descendants. The collective agony or anxiety suffered by our brothers in a part of the world, will manifest somewhere as sleeping or awake nightmare for others in the world. Our joys and sorrows are limitless. We are one, and can not be further continued to live in an illusion of separation. There is only an awareness. We live in a holographic universe. Each individual who comes into the unit automatically affects a few thousand people and drives them towards the same only reasonable way to experience reality. In our changing experience of reality, we will go further and discover new ways to live and to love. We are for the present and for the future, creating a better planet. This is our common future. -Sri Bhagavan (end quote) I believe this man, he is the husband of Sri Amma, Nobel Peace Prize laureate can be understood quite well and also the advice that he gives us. The only is question do we understand? We need a big meeting of the spirit, reason and intelligence, expertise, this is what the present, humanity and our world needs. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all people and cultures. Perhaps an approach? Download at:. Wolfgang Bergmann

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