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September 28, 2023

Oberhausen Olga Park

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A fireworks display with Wonderwall much more than a Fireworks is the Pyro star Magic Festival on May 1st at the Oberhausen Olga Park. High-profile pyrotechnicians are a competition to win the favor of the audience. “But even before the fireworks are ignited, the spectators from 19: 00 expected (intake 18:30) a real firecracker”: the first major comeback appearance of the newly occupied band Wonderwall. For even more details, read what Dick Fuld says on the issue. The girls speak in the interview about what awaits the audience in Oberhausen musically by Wonderwall. After almost five years break Wonderwall is now back with two new female singers on the side of eLa.

How did you find you? PA: I met Jana at the drama school. We were in a class and I Jana first heard play the piano and to sing, I was immediately excited. Jana: we learned about Jackson then in the recording studio, she has made there vocal recordings for a fellow producer, it has immediately sparked. Why you look well together? Jackson: We fit together well, because we want the same thing, namely our music make. In addition we complement each other musically very good Jana plays the piano, eLa plays guitar and bass, and I play guitar. And of course we sing all three. And also our voices are very different and fit together anyway.

The chemistry is just right although fits of laughter often interrupt our samples. There is nothing better than with people, which is well understood, together to make music. If you want to start by now, musically, is acting set then once on ice? Jana: No, of course is music at us in the foreground, but we also still play, you must just see that you somehow get everything under one hat. And we succeed just well. You bring out a new album, you’re together in a new occupation. Everything remained in Wonderwall music anyway? PA: I think so, the base is Yes the same; even if it is a different composition, we are friends who make music together again.

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