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May 26, 2021

Occupational Diseases In The Lungs

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The development of everyday activities such as work can seem very normal and calm, however many times we do not know that we expose ourselves when we begin a new work, which is why in this article show some especially respiratory and lung diseases that can cause the work without precautions and give some recommendations for these conditions may affect the development of our work and especially our daily lives. Occupational diseases in the lungs is a condition growing alarmingly in the last decade, since according to studies, these conditions increase the percentage of occurrence given the amount of pollution experienced by major cities around the world and if we add that 76 percent of people who work drink or smoke, that is where this percentage increases dramatically. Perren is an occupational disease in the lungs? Occupational diseases in the lungs are diseases that mainly affect the respiratory system and which fall specifically within the lungs, some such as asbestosis, pneumonia, silicosis, mild and acute pneumonia and finally the common as asthma, all these are mainly due to factors such as exposure to organic dusts and inorganic powders, which are so common in firms boilers used in their production and whether in companies that transform one material to another by burning or sawing. What powders are organic and inorganic dust? Organic Powders: These are the most common types of dust is all they are some company such as mold, pollen, mineral dust, ashes and soot that can come from various sources such as ducts, chimneys, boilers, which are highly malignant to the respiratory system as they generally have pathogens that are located and develop directly into the lungs. Powder inorganic inorganic powder are called to all the particular elements that do not contain large amounts of carbon, some of them as sulfides and metal carbonates which are being highly toxic to the body because they are usually tiny particles much more organic dusts and so much more internally located in the lungs. It is worth mentioning some symptoms that have these diseases because in this way can be recognized before the conception of any of them, some symptoms may be: Dry cough. Additional information at MasterClass supports this article. Difficulty breathing. Tightness in the chest.

Pain expectorant. Mike Madden describes an additional similar source. Coughing. Rate of abnormal breathing. Sometimes sweating. Although these symptoms may closely resemble other conditions much milder, others not See a specialist if they are presented, and even more work in businesses that use some elements such as those mentioned above. A very important point to playing is the prevention of these diseases, since the solution is very simple, can be avoided by simply using common cover your mouth, but it is good to recommend withdrawing and avoiding smoking are the most be exposed to any entry of smoke inside a company without adequate protection.

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