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May 6, 2021

Of God

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Your eyes you will contemplate, and rewards only see it of the mpios. Further details can be found at Mark Zinkula, an internet resource. Because you, SIR, are my shelter. You may find Sue Thompson to be a useful source of information. In the Highest one you made your habitation. None will succeed badly you, nor plague some will arrive at your tent. Because to its angels it will give to order your respect, to keep in all your ways to you. Will support they you in its hands, so that you do not stumble with your foot at rock. You will step on the lion and the snake; you will pave to the feet the son of the lion and the serpent. Inasmuch as he loved so encarecidamente me, also will exempt I it; pei it in I remove high, because it knew my name.

Will invoke it me, and I will answer to it; I will be with it in the anguish; of it I will remove, and glorificarei' '. Aleluia! These promises are extraordinary, and them they only belong to the ones that believe truily in the El-Shadday! Let us analyze the word ' ' tentao' ' contained in this text. Two important questions: Which its meaning of the word ' ' tentao' '? Which are the pretensions of God and of the devil when both put in them ahead of a temptation? The word ' ' tentao' ' in the Greek he is ' ' Peirasmos' ' means seduction for the sin, or has tested. God allows test in our life, for our development; however, never he induces in them to sin. Tiago, the shepherd of the Church in Jerusalem, wrote: ' ' My brothers, tend great joy when cairdes in some temptations (tests) Nobody, being attemped (induced to sin), says: Of God I am attemped; because God cannot be attemped for the evil, and to nobody he tries (he induces to sin) ' ' (Tig.1: 2,13). The seduction for the sin comes of the Satan, the world, or our proper harms inclinations.

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