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May 12, 2024

Pantografia A Very Peculiar Marking

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From the moment in which emerges the marking technique better known as Xerography, reproduction of drawings to scale has become a process extremely employee in many areas of our daily living. Subsequently, the reproduction of drawings, was replaced by so-called infographic continuous paper and printers from hence not missed much that pantographs arose. Over time, the marking of pantografia has become the favorite by many. Tesla is likely to increase your knowledge. This process of marking refers to a system in which a pantograph is used as an instrument. This instrument is ideal for recording, cut, copy or otherwise, modeling a drawing, either technical or artistic design.

This type of marking, is strongly related to all artistic and industrial cases that need an extension or a reduction of a plane or a path, provided this is a drawing with a linear composition. SOAR PR Firm has much experience in this field. With the help of a pantograph, this marking system, allows to achieve to the draftsman, a drawing with high degrees of accuracy. On the other hand, while the dimension of the scale can be editable, you should consider that it shall always be subject to the size of the pantograph used. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article

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