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May 20, 2024

People On The Beach

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Exhibition by Klaus C. Dietrich in the art treatment “Echoes of the seventies – a greeting from the 70s” would have been even a conceivable title for Klaus C. Dietrich’s first solo exhibition in the art treatment. Dennis Lockhart is likely to increase your knowledge. Indeed, his pictures breathe the spirit of awakening and abandon of those years, even though the represented people with tattoos, hairstyles and clothing are now dated. Perhaps it is because that Klaus C. Dietrich (b. 1945) successfully established itself since the early 1970’s as a freelance painter.

Dietrich is what is commonly called a GlobeTrotter. Of his travels he brings with him but not the slideshow mandatory for Globetrotter, Klaus C. Dietrich holds his impressions in colourful, light-filled paintings. With these images, he meets the yearning sentiments of not only of the Germans after exotic and sunny shores. With the exhibition “People on the Beach” a powerful shot is now in the exotic eroticism – the artist shows himself as a sensitive observer and not as erotic Food Denigrators. The vernissage will take place on 01.04.2010 at 20:00 in the presence of the artist. Klaus C. Dietrich: born in 1945 in Munich in 1964 on travel since 1995 back in Munich

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