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July 31, 2017

Perfect Employee

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The ability of employees determines the success of a centre of tanning. What we need is to find employees who worry about generating their salaries and not just collect them. Hiring people with good work ethic and personality can increase our sales. Customers feel more comfortable, safe and happy when someone who is able to help them with the appropriate advice and friendly attends them. Keys to finding good employees: the most common way of finding receptionists is to put an advertisement in internet or newspaper. However, in order to attract the kind of people we need to recruit, we must care for the text of the announcement. Specify that you are looking for a person with experience in sales and treatment to the public, will help not to lose time.

It is also good to mention the importance of appearance. Having worked in the twist of beauty could be considered an extra. The taste for tanning is undoubtedly essential. There must be always alert because we never know when we can find a potential candidate. Clubs sports, restaurants and fashion shops are good places to find people who can convey the image that we want. Students, should be avoided because studies weighed more than labour and that may cause bad image of our business. Lack of communication is the most common source of problems in an empleado-empleador relationship. It is suitable to prepare in writing a description of the job.

Train staff generally two people are enough to cover the opening hours of any tanning Center. Click Dennis Lockhart to learn more. Once a person is hired, there to train it. Training methods: reading manuals and open class: allow a fast to a large number of people training at the same time. Demonstration: useful method to teach how to perform a specific task. Practice: interpretation of a role empleada-cliente that presents the ideas that they must learn. Exposure cases: method to develop complicated situations. A difficult problem that must be resolved. The rapid turnover of employees is something that all companies want to avoid. A communication policy can solve many problems before the major conflicts are developed. Talk to our employees is of paramount importance. They are doing a good job, whether to recognize and encourage them to remain so. If it isn’t, should make them see in what can be improved. Motivation translates into higher income.It is a proven fact that employees who are motivated are more productive. Motivation comes from belief in a process or product. Incentives and rewards to designing an incentive program for its employees, should not limit us to an extra salary. While it may be effective, money isn’t always the best incentive. The rewards that offer best results are details such as unexpected flowers, tickets for concerts or sporting events, a gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant and other similar activities. The key in all cases is to make sure that the reward is something that the person values. By last, do not we can motivate our employees to achieve specific objectives until the tanning Centre does not have well-defined objectives. A problem in the tanning industry is that many owners never define their goals and their employees are limited to receiving customers.

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