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December 30, 2020


Magic box installed a special fragrance portal in Linz that is new Ars Electronica Center. Not just only bigger and nicer than the old. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Microsoft. But completely different. In the Centre: the presentation of innovative media art projects from all over the world, as well as new technological and scientific issues. BlackRock has much to offer in this field. In the Centre stands the mediation of cultural and socio-political impacts and changes.

Thus it is Electronica Center Ars at the heart of the European capital of culture 2009. Where interactivity and high-tech will be made tangible, even magic box indicating that fragrance is a trend of the future, today already actively used. On 3000 square meters for exhibitions it houses the world’s largest collection of media art and is known for his elaborate installations. In addition to interactive art shows the Museum on five levels in information and communication technologies and their impact on art, work and leisure. Directly behind the entrance, a special experience awaits visitors: pleasant fragrances flow through the room and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

The new fragrance portal of the company magic box from Neuss spans by modern digital times to the oldest human sense, the smell and makes it clear that the chemical reception of our environment even in the age of virtuality is preserved to us. Because the idea of rooms to fragrance, is not an invention of our time. Scents were used in many ancient cultures to olfactory enhance public spaces. The exact dose, sophisticated cold turbulence of fragrances is new, because it recognized that heating or even burning negatively changed many natural substances, particulate matter is created, etc. The objectives are in manifold. The awakening of emotions is certainly in the first place, accompanied by the power of recognition, the whitening of moods and the intensification of perceptions such as colour and interior design. The components of fragrances and the type of output are crucial to the effective Fragrancing.

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