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August 1, 2019

Personal Growth

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" The ears don’t mention it do not serve to a brain ciego." Luckyly we have not journeyed only by this dimension, have made it million beings each with a defined time of permanence, where many you have known to take the opportunity that has occurred us to journey, to learn, to contribute action that they especially indicate to us that as much we have grown, in the spiritual, which as much we have identified ourselves with our mission, line on watch, which as much we have been wide-awake, kind in everything what it has allowed us to enjoy the life intensely. Some of the travellers, passers-by in this planet Earth of different places, races, sex, ages, have bequeathed we their experiences, thoughts, reflections that they invite to be considered, taken in account. Jeff Flake may also support this cause. Many of these reflections, affirmations, lock up valuable messages, that it cannot be ignored and that in this opportunity we have selected some, that we shared with those who totally are identified in the excellent thing which it is to know how to take advantage of the life for our authentic growth has been written that: No we must be shamed of being humble. Humility is the perfect knowledge than we are and we can, without deluding itself with qualities that we do not have. Humility is not position of the body nor tone of voice: it is an attitude of the spirit, who knows what is and what it can, and that it does not require that they see it to the others: it is worth by itself. Therefore, I know humble! The benefits of this quality 1. When being it allows of all the good things that we own, no longer exists the necessity to suffer by envy towards other people. Who really learns to being humble, she manages to live one more a happier life.

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