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March 27, 2013

Peter Hartman

Category: General – Joan – 5:09 pm

A moment of encounter and activity symbol with a view to the challenges facing this year will be the tenor that the Sunday, March 28 will be printed to the traditional manifestation of commemoration of the global day of action against dams. Just as in 2008, this time the initiative will be developed in the sector of El Manzano, on the banks of the Baker River, some 25 kilometers north of Cochrane, and where the gateway of the same name that would be beneath the waters of concrete dams for Hidroaysen projects is. Although the official celebration date is March 14, this year the convening organizations took the decision to postpone it in order to devote their efforts to helping Chileans and Chile affected by the earthquake of February 27, avoiding generate during these first initiatives weeks that deviate the attention of the main task which is to mitigate the effects of the catastrophe. In this way, has been considered as an appropriate date March 28 to renew the action that is materializing during recent years in the region, as a result of the threat not only of the society consists by Endesa and Colbun, but also by Southern energy with its reservoirs Raven, white and Condor, and multiple other dams that are projected in different basins of the Aysen Region and Patagonia. The activities will begin at 11 in the morning on Sunday, which has arranged a bus with capacity for 30 people (at no cost to travellers) will depart on Saturday 27 from Coyhaique at 10: 00. Travellers may be camping that night in the place you have chosen (each must bear tent and sleeping bag), returning on the afternoon of the 28 first to Cochrane and then to Coyhaique. Informed the Coordinator of the Coalition citizen Aysen reserve of life that those interested can register at the offices of the organization in Coyhaique (Horn 47-B).

During the day of commemoration of the day world of action against dams carried out various activities of cultural, artistic and spiritual, traditional national and international diffusion photography, in addition to being called the participants to an asado, contemplating each one take dishes and service, together with the aggregates for sharing. On the occasion also includes the possibility of rafts and kayaks to traverse the River, make a walk by the canadon and an unknown hop of the Baker. This will be an opportunity to renew the commitment to the defense of our Patagonia, of our people against initiatives that aim to transform it into shape negative, thank you who promoted a model of incoherent development with Aysen as reserve life.

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