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February 24, 2020

Polytex Prom

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The company 'Polytex-Prom "in the market of building materials for 10 years. The company sells laminated chipboard and furniture parts manufacturing standard and custom sizes from it. Laminate particle board are used extensively in the furniture industry. They are used in finishing work. Laminated chipboard flawed, that there is a timber such as knots and cracks. Important advantages of chipboard is high strength and uniformity of structure, ease of handling. Lamination is a DSP DSP-based securities, which coat films impregnated with resin. At high temperature (240 degrees) and pressure (up to 30 kg / sq.

cm) resin is melted and extruded from the film. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This process is bonding the film to the surface of the particle board, resin and attached to the surface properties of plastics having high resistance to scratches and impacts chemicals. Particle boards are glued together well on faces and edges, they are usually veneer veneer, paper and plastics. For more information see this site: Craig Menear. The range consists of the broadest range of colors and textures. The advantage of the material is its low price. Due to these factors, laminated chipboard is a leader in particle board in furniture manufacture.

One of our services chipboard cutting the size of the customer. Also, you can buy in bulk and in the plywood retail. Our craftsmen offer you the best layouts, chipboard. Individual approach to each client. All material presented in different colors, different thicknesses, grades and sizes at affordable prices. The company guarantees: high quality wood board production (plywood, chipboard, fiberboard), the maximum service (Mechanized loading, delivery), the ability to reserve products. The high quality laminated and polished Particleboard manufactured in Russia to judge the growing demand for these products from the Russian furniture manufacturers. Already, sales of particleboard in many regions of Russia contributes to the intensive development of the furniture industry.

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